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Patrick O. Roberts






Professional Experience










Chief Engineer- KGOU Radio , The University of Oklahoma (2007-Present)



I became chief engineer for KGOU January 29, 2007.  When I arrived, KGOU had just installed new digital consoles with new studio equipment. My first days at the station included getting the digital audio issue caused by a sample rate mismatch issue that arose from the installation to work properly, hooking up several things that had yet to be installed and setting audio levels in the brand new facility. Also in 2007, we took KGOU (the entire system) to 24 hour service, helping build early-morning listenership.  Some of the growth and improvements of "KGOU's" transmission systems includes  the build-out of the Seminole, Ada, Chickasha, and Shawnee translators, doubling the output power of 106.3 KGOU (helped fill-in and reduce tropospheric ducting issues), and filing for and building out new two full-power stations, KWOU 88.1 in Woodward and 91.9 KOUA in Ada.  When the KAUT tower was to be taken down where KROU resided at 300ft, I arranged for moving and re-installed the KROU 105.7 transmitter site on October 2011.  We opted for over double the height and less power, and a much better panel-type antenna that optimized the OKC metro coverage and range (more height, less power, more consistant antenna array).  All of this was done with no significant off-air time thanks to use of a 1kw transmitter from our friends at Public Radio Tulsa KWGS.  KGOU's service area was recently expanded into western Oklahoma as we assumed the license of KYCU, now KQOU 89.1 Clinton from Cameron University (KCCU).


In additon to full-time work at KGOU, I contract engineer several small-market stations including Kool 105.5 KWCO-FM Chickasha, which we took HD in 2013 and created 106.1 The Ranch K291BR KWCO-HD2.  I installed an FM voice via translators for KRMP 1140/ 92.1 OKC and KREF 1400 / 98.5 Norman and 100.9FM for KGFF in Shawnee.  I built-out KOUJ-LP in Norman and KQTR-LP in Purcell.  Many other studio projects and smaller radio stations have recieved engineering assitance from me over the years.  My goals include trying to stay economical yet keep quality in the overall product as job 1.  Gaining the most affordable reliability with quality audio and signals are of the most importance.  New ideas that help faciliate efficiency are embraced whenever possible.  Thinking "outside the box" is a must in today's radio. I enjoy embracing new delivery methods of aural and visual MEDIA as the furture is a convergence of these delivery methods.  Lines will continue to blur.




(Renda Broadcasting - Oklahoma City


Chief Engineer- KRXO 107.7FM (2000-2007)


Engineering - KOMA-KRXO Radio from Feb. 1993 to 2007


I worked for KOMA and KRXO radio for over fourteen years, maintaining and serving in a technical capacity. In late 1997, Renda Broadcasting purchased KOMA-KRXO and moved facilities to 400 E.Britton Rd., of which I was a part of the relocation and wiring the new studios.  From 1998-2007 I was also a broadcast engineer for KMGL radio.  While at the stations my duties included repair and installation of broadcast equipment including studio equipment, high-power transmitters, lower-powered microwave and remote pick-up equipment, satellite receiving apparatus, and some I.T. and computer skills.  I also preformed some building maintenance.  In addition to normal working hours I was on 24/7 call.  We were responsible for the stations'computer networks and in-house servers. I handled day-to-day problems, troubleshooting issues that would arise not only with broadcast equipment, but also desktop computer systems around the station and on-air delivery systems.  We handled software installation, hardware, networking, network wiring, and re-configuration of systems internally in most instances.  To me, broadcast engineering is an enjoyable convergence of technical skills and people support in the fascinating entertainment industry.





Sales - Radio Shack (1989-April 1993)



I worked for Radio Shack selling at N.W. 23rd and Meridian for over three years, starting when I was 17. I enjoyed retail sales as it helped me improve my skills working with people to solve their problems while selling them what they needed. Our store was consistently within the top five in the district, and I was within the top 10 sellers district-wide most of the over three years I was there.  I left Radio Shack to pursue my dream of a career in broadcast engineering at KOMA-KRXO radio when the position at KOMA-KRXO became available.






Employee - Braum's (1988-1990)



I worked at Braum's at 23rd and Rockwell in Bethany for over two years while in high school.  I worked for both Radio Shack and Braum's for about year. 


Education - Francis Tuttle Vo-Tech Center - Core Electronics (1987-1990)


I completed the two-year program basic electronics program in preparation of entering the broadcasting industry. I graduated from Western Heights High School and Francis Tuttle in 1990.





Certificates/ Licenses / Awards


Certified Broadcast Engineer Radio AM/FM - SBE

Univ. Of Oklahoma Outreach Annual Innovation Award - 24hr service at KGOU

The first "Top Banana Award" at Renda OKC given since its re-instatement in 2006

Certified Broadcast Engineer - Society of Broadcast Engineers

Amateur radio operator KA5ZYM (1987-present)

"Hustle Award" KOMA KRXO Radio 1993